Final Update ~ The Final Decision.
Monday, 12 August 2013

Ok, I have currently decided not to close this group down.

We'll be scanlating certain projects from Comic Polaris and lots of light novels.

We'll work quite efficiently (that's the plan).

I dunno, we'll be working with my other group A LOT, so that basically makes us sister groups.

Scanlations and novel translations will be released on CKM Scans' reader. We may also release things onto Batoto but no download link will be given.

Novels will mainly be from Uei-Shiang and we're hoping to begin some Fresh-Joy Publishing's novels (they have gorgeous illustrations btw) but we'll need donations for those. Anyway, the two publishers stated above are both Chinese/Taiwanese publishers, which makes them Chinese novels. I think you'll like them nonetheless...

We may also translate Boku to Kanojo ni Furu Yoru if we have time. ^_^

I know it's probably pointless to recruit, but I'd love help, whether it be for CKM Scans or this group...if you're interested in helping me translate (or clean manga - experience needed, if you don't have any, make sure to read up some tutorials, they help!) please send me an email.

Otherwise, I'm currently thinking of closing this site and perhaps merging it into my forum, that way this site will be much easier for me to handle. You see, I can't do much (e.g change layout.......)........

Anyway, see you!
xah (or myrt if you want)

Let's make this revival quick.
Monday, 13 May 2013


I never forgot my promise to revive this group.

The problem is... how?

I have my own group and it takes a huge chunk out of my spare time.

I could probably merge it, but that's not good.

I dunno if I should end it.

Maybe I'll just turn this into a group that releases monthly on one project only.

Maybe I should turn this into a light novel blog or translation community.

But those ideas are pretty weird.

I don't know.


Sigh again.



Anyone out there willing to help me?

Deer Island Chapter 01
Friday, 23 November 2012

CKM Scans did most of this, not us (or me, for now).

Anyway, it's a nice story. My sister isn't in a good mood because she... nah, nevermind.

Chapters are very short in this manhua. Read from right to left. xD

Download Ch01:

Note ~ we'll be closing down this site very soon. This is the last time we'll be using this.
For future references, please check out our forum, here.

Thanks, enjoy. :)

P.S: Also, the conflict with Cloud 9 Scans has been solved. Peace has returned.

My Scanlation Codes
Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Whether you believe me or not, xah/Ichigo is my sister. She's a great scanlator. Often helps me out with this mess of a group.

Honestly, the previous admins did a very "slack" job of managing raws, translations, emails and this bloody blog.

I'm sick of it.

But first, let's clear up the huge misunderstanding: Cloud 9 Scans

I appreciate them for scanlating Crash! too actually. My sister joined Cloud 9 Scans to help them scanlate, she passed the test and was accepted. But just because she missed one deadline (she wasn't even told the date of the deadline), she felt awful. Their founder said it was all right. But guess what? She hasn't gotten anything since. I guess she's fine with it though, since the quality recently has dramatically improved. I'm actually happy about that. So is she.

Complaining about cleaning. Yeah sure we did. Suggestions or criticism? Aren't they closely linked. Did we ever go and complain on their site? Did we send them nasty emails? As far as I know, we haven't done anything like that at all. Lest I haven't. Sure, I've only been here for like a month, only really started administrating a couple of days ago. All we did was talk on our chatbox. If you don't like it, you can leave anytime, right?

It's not like readers don't criticise/make suggestions for other people anyway. Look at CKM Scans, Inakami, the comments on batoto. People are complaining about their English right? Or check out Fukanzen Shinsei Kikan Iris, on extras' site. For scanlators, quality is really important. It's a matter of pride. Do tell me you don't have any pride in what you do, no?

You may not blame the current members of Chocolate Fudge. At the moment, I only have 1 translator, 1 proofreader, 1 QC'er and 1 Editor. I could do all of those though, if I need to. It's not our fault for going inactive. We weren't even here then! We're all new members, just hoping to continue a legacy. If you want to blame why Chocolate Fudge went inactive and stopped scanlating Crash!, please talk to the original members. It has nothing to do with us.

As for why Chocolate Fudge scans continued to scanlate Crash! despite those chapters had already been released, I guess you should ask the dumps. Isn't it obvious? We're doing it because we want to! To be honest, I've always found this inspiring ~ I can't remember where I got it from though. This is from memory.
My group wants to do a project that you have in your upcoming/ongoing project list. Will you drop it for us/stop scanlating it?
No! We will continue to scanlate what we love. It doesn't matter whether you scanlate it or not, just please don't stop us from doing what we love. We've been looking forward to doing it for a while now. And I guess we've done some work too. You can continue scanlating it if you want, though. We're not royalty of scanlations after all.  :D
We're obviously not the first to scanlate a second version of a chapter. Chibi manga often does that (I'm sure you've heard of them). Besides, it's not like anyone cares. Second versions of chapters always get less attention. Our loss, not Cloud 9 Scans' loss. And it's not like we have murderous intentions to them. >:-(

Cloud 9 Scans has offended us only by posting their url/website on our chatbox. If they hadn't, I'm sure we'll be a jolly lot happier. It's not unusual how people would pick up the inactive team's projects, but just how many go on to the previous scanlator's site and posts a url? Some admins do check their own site although they may have closed down/defunct. Do you not think it's offensive? Like...say you were in the school basketball team and you were the most respected person, but one day, you got twirled into a mess of real life events (e.g broken your leg) and someone replaced you. If you were a real person, you would appreciate them, for helping your team right? That's how I feel. But what if that person were to do "the finger" in front of you or something? Show off the thing you want to do but can't do. Oh I see, it's no wonder why the Founders don't want to come back.

And then Crash!'s fans flood to our site, complaining how we "dropped" the project, or how we "went inactive". Yes, founders' fault, not mine. I've only been here for a couple of days actually. Yeah, go ahead and thank Cloud 9 Scans for their translations (I'll be happy too), but what does that have to do with us? If Cloud 9 Scans goes inactive/MIA (I sincerly hope they won't and I'm not kidding) before scanlation of Crash! was complete and some other group picked it up, are you going to say the same thing "at least they're translating it for us (unlike you)". If you complain about how we "dropped" the project, "stopped translating" or went "MIA" doesn't that technically imply that you're trying to prove how worthless Chocolate Fudge's previous scanlations are? I'm not sure if that's what you're trying to prove, but that's honestly the impression I'm getting here.

The founders must be sad seeing fans go against each other like this. Crash! is a happy manga, right? So stop this. Please.

At least appreciate the previous ones. And I sincerly hope that all people who currently visit our site are those who want to download the previous scanlations. Not here to complain about how I suck at reviving this team. Yeah, I know at least that. I know.

Have I been rude? Yes, I have. I offered bad advice/propaganda to those with the pure objective to advertise Cloud 9 Scans. Have those who have that objective been rude? That's up to you. Oh whatever.

If I have not convinced you, let me tell you want last thing.

I want nothing to do with Crash! If you're here to complain about Crash!, get out. You'll be ignored on that chatbox, I can guarantee that. If you're just hoping to download our previous scanlations, please go ahead.

I can't change this site very well, so whether or not you believe me, I honestly can't edit the list of projects and move Crash! to the list of dropped projects. I want nothing to do with it.

Let me sum it all up (AGAIN): Cloud 9 Scans
1. If any of us wants to continue scanlating Crash!, we'll apply to join Cloud 9 Scans.
2. We do support their work (even if we have complaints about quality, we won't tell them. Only those who bother to check OUR chatbox will know. It's OUR territory.)
3. Complaints aren't unusual in the scanlation world and the original members of Chocolate Fudge are at fault for not scanlating. All of CF's current members are less than a week old.
4. Cloud 9 Scans offended us by posting their url on our chatbox. Was that action needed?
5. Unneeded/offensive comments in the Chatbox.
6. From now on, anything related to Crash! scanlation's comments on our chatbox will be ignored (you can't moderate Cbox comments).
7. To those who want to complain about Crash: Not related to me. Or this bloody scanlation group. Sorry. We're just not interested.
8. Crash! was dropped a while ago. I can't edit this site that is.
9. We approve of Cloud 9 Scans quality these days.
10. Whether you readers believe it or not, quality, pride and the "e-penis" effect is what keeps most scanlators alive these days (after all, scanlating is pretty much illegal). So let us have our quality, pride and maybe the "e-penis" attention.

Don't even say sorry (not that I'd expect to you). If I haven't convinced you, at least quit coming here. What's the point anyway? Your rantings will be of little interest to me. Yes, I may be rude (lol, I definitely am), but so are a lot of people.

We're picking up new projects. None of the previous ones. We'll attract a different audience.

I hope our paths won't cross again. Am I so unreasonable that dozens of spammers flood to our site everyday?
I despise talking to anyone like this.

There I'm done! I hope there won't be a need for this anymore.

Yes, I need your help. Release.
Sunday, 18 November 2012

This group needs to be revived.

Okay, let me introduce myself first. I am myrt, the "new" admin of this group. I can translate and edit.

This group has been on hiatus for a while. But that doesn't mean the chatbox should be filled with mean comments. They aren't just spam (small pointless annoying messages), but they hurt. Please don't talk about Cloud 9 Scans here. I. Don't. Care.

It's really annoying me. What do readers understand? Do you really know how much time and effort goes into scanlation? Even so, where do you find the time to do it, when there's so many real life events and "homework"? Do you know that we aren't paid to do this? Get real! At least respect the previous scanlators of a particular series, even if they went MIA.

Oops, it's not very nice to vent out frustrations at readers/downloaders. >_<

Since the two founders have gone MIA, Crash!'s scanlation by us will also go on hiatus. I mean, I don't know where they got the HQ raws, and everywhere I look (iieye, baidu, hrcomic etc.) reeks of LQ raws. So I guess this will be the last chapter for a while. Cloud 9 Scans picked it up anyway, happy now?

According to a certain source (I'm pretty sure it's unreliable though), but I think Crash! might be getting an anime or something soon. Here's the trailer if you want: Oh yeah, I think it's the second season that's getting the anime though, IF it's getting one.

As for how I should continue this group, it'll be really difficult, since I'm really the only one still active here. I guess I'll ask CKM Scans, my sister's group. At least dedicate a few releases to us.

We need:
Japanese translators

And finally the download ~ Crash! Vol04 Chapter 18:
You can find the download link at the forum too.


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